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Old Shalesbrook Lodge

we are the owners of Old Shalesbrook Lodge which was built in 1899. The property is constructed mainly of stone (dressed ashlar) which was quarried at Pilpott's Quary in West Hoathly. The original architect was Mervyn McCartney.

In 2004, we commissioned an architect (Mrs M Quirk) to design a two Storey stone extension. We required the extenion to be sympathictic to and in keeping with the original structure. Accordinly, an expert stonemason was engaged to draw up detailed plans for individual blocks of stone to be made. In order to match the exsisting stonework, these blocks were different shapes and sizes (including mullions, coping stones and cornerstones). The stone was duly excavated to order from Philpott's Quary and cut into the required shapes and sizes by W T Lamb and Son who are themselves specialists in this field.

Our architect advised us that the building works being commissioned were of an unusual and distinctive nature and introduced us to Mr Causon as he had experience in other challenging projects. Accordingly, we engaged Mr Causon to build the extension.

The project took around six months to complete between March and September 2005. During this period Mr Causon personally constructed the stone walls etc in accordance with the detailed plans drawn up by the stonemason. Each individual piece of prepared stone was numbered and coded and required to occupy a specific position in the overall scheme. Mr Causon also engaged and supervised other sub-contractors (e.g ground workers and roofers) in relation to their own specialist parts of the project.

The completed works have fulfilled our expectations and have elicited many favourable comments from others. the new stonework has already started to weather and we believe it will be indistinguishable from the original stonework before very long.

Yours faithfully

Keith & Jane luckhoo